dimanche 13 mai 2007

Letter: Fire prevention & wildfires

Serge Thivierge
Municipality of Lac-Simon
849, chemin Tour-du-Lac
PO BOX 3550
Lac-Simon, Chénéville (Québec)
J0V 1E0

RE: fire prevention & wildfires

Major Serge Thivierge,

Everyday in May we are witnessing wildfires in Georgia, Florida, California and Minnesota. Canada is not immune. There is much news on wildfires in Northwestern Ontario. I think that the threat of wildfires is growing everywhere.

Clearly, fire prevention is going to be a key factor.

Therefore I would suggest that the Municipality of Lac-Simon, in conjunction with the pompiers, install large fire type signs at the entance to Lac Simon. They could be similar to the one at Lac des Plages and at National Parks throughout North America.

Warnings: Low (yellow), Medium (orange), High (red) and "feu interdit" warnings could be posted on these signs throughout the year.

Location: These signs could be installed at access roads to the lake. I would argue that 2 perfect locations would be at both ends of the dump road, on municipal property. There could also be a third between Cheneville & Lac Barriere, driving toward the golf course.

Management: The pompiers of Lac Simon, in could be in charge of changing the warning levels. Of course, the office of security, Jacques Carrière, would be updated on these changes.

Benefits: 1) The public will not be able to claim ignorance. 2) Security Agent Jacques Carrière will be in a better position of strength with respect to both cottagers & tourists. 3)There would probably less camp fires & burning of leaves.

Promotion: Les pompiers of Lac Simon & Chenevile could have a exterior information "education" kiosk at the entrance of the Metro in Cheneville to promote fire prevention.

Fire prevention is the key.

Thanking you in advance.

Paul Malouf

CC: Jean Guy Maillé

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