mardi 18 septembre 2007

Photo Gallery: Lac-Simon, L'Ile Canard Blanc & Ferry Service

Transport Canada
Regional Office
700 Leigh Capreol Zone 3A
Dorval Qc H4Y 1G7

RE: Barge on Lac-Simon

I wish to bring to your attention a matter of immediate importance. There is a commercial barge operating on Lac-Simon. It is being navigated by a developer building homes on Ile Canard Blanc. The barge is carrying cement trucks, supply trucks, bulldozers and dump trucks to the island.

I suspect that it is not operating according the maritime laws of Canada. For example, I have seen the barge working at night without lights. Moreover on Monday of Labor weekend the barge had approximately 25 people on board for a pleasure cruise. There were no life jackets visible.

I have visited the web site of Transport Canada. I have gotten as far as Canada Shipping Act and pursuant regulations.

Just as Canadian Press reported in the Globe & Mail this August with respect to the waters off Robson Bight, B.C., I suspect that Lac Simon could face a similar, problem.
ALERT BAY, B.C. — A barge carrying heavy equipment and a diesel fuel truck has overturned off northern Vancouver Island, in the heart of killer whale territory. The barge was being towed by the 11-metre-long tug Kathy L when it flipped not far from Robson Bight, a well-known location where orca whales rub their bodies on the rocks.

The economic life of Lac-Simon and the surrounding communities is intrinsically linked to the health of the waters of Lac-Simon.

The legacy we leave our children must be the wealth, beauty and abundance of Canada's water ecosystems. I hope that you will consider this letter and respond responsibly by enforcing legislation that will protect Lac Simon waters from barge traffic.

We must protect the waters of Lac-Simon.

Please look into the matter. Please make sure that the small vessel operates according to the Canada Shipping Act and pursuant regulations.

Questions persist in my mind: Does he even have a license/skill set to operate such a vehicle? Does he have the appropriate insurance? Does the barge meet Canadian safety regulations?

I look forward to your reply.


Paul Malouf

While the ferry operates into the late evening/early night, why does it have no lights?
Do the operator(s) have the skill set to operate such a vehicle?
Do the operator(s) have the appropriate insurance?
Are the ferries registered/Do the operator(s) have a license?
Do the ferries meet Canadian safety regulations?

Some of these questions were asked at the municipal council meeting on September 7. They were dismissed.

See July post on L'Ile Canard Blanc development.

"ordre de détention" on Sept. 18, 2007:
Un ordre de détention a été émis aux deux bâtiments. Les propriétaires n'ont pas le droit d'utiliser leur bâtiment tant qu'ils ne seront pas conforme aux règlements de Transports Canada et qu'un avis d'inspection leur aura été remis.

Ils sont passibles d'une poursuite judiciaire si ils utilisent leurs bâtiments avant d'avoir obtenu les documents.

Merci de nous avoir contacter.

Inspectrice de navires, Sécurité Maritime / Ship's Inspector, Marine Safety
pour plus info: Transports Canada - Maritime

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Anonyme a dit...

Good work!

Anonyme a dit...

Good Job Paul!

Anonyme a dit...

Bravo Paul

Anonyme a dit...

Thanks, Paul! Good luck!

Anonyme a dit...

Thanks very much for this Paul

Anonyme a dit...

The municipality/maire says (from what I understand) that the developer is following all rules, regulations, and laws when developing roadways etc. So I guess the point here is that if the are not following the transportation rules and the municipality isn't doing anything, how does one feel comfortable that they are not breaking the other rules. So your action is very much appreciated.

Thanks Paul.

Canard Blanc resident

Anonyme a dit...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for following up on this problem. A spill from either of these barges could result in major damage to the lake's water quality. I am surprised that Sanivague doesn't meet Transport Canada regulations as they have been operating on the lake for years.

I don't think they will be stopped permanently, nor should they as the Sanivague barge is required by the residents of Canard Blanc and other boat-access properties on the lake who must empty their septic systems, but, at least they will be required to meet all all safety standards and procedures before they can continue to ply the waters of lac Simon.

We all have the responsibility to act upon or report all incidents or aberrations that negatively affect our lake and/or our health to the proper authorities. Sometimes this is difficult to do, whether it is finding who to report it to or that it might be a neighbour. But, it is our responsibility to protect our lake! Making a neighbour aware of the negative consequences of his/her actions is not necessarily easy, but, often the neighbour is unaware of the consequences of their actions and would be willing to change if made aware of the alternatives available.

This reaction by Transport Canada should sent a message to M. Filion and M. David that they cannot do as they wish on the lake and damn the consequences! The council should also get the message that they have a responsibility to ensure that entrepreneurs working around the lake meet and observe all security and environmental standards that protect the lake's ecosystems whether the standards are Municipal, Provincial, Federal or just good sense.


Anonyme a dit...

Bravo Paul, c'est tres bien et j'en suis bien content comme bien des gens.

Anonyme a dit...

Salut Paul,
Bravo pour ton action.

Anonyme a dit...

Great job Paul you have the support and thanks from all Lac Simon property owners that share your values on our wonderful lake.

Anonyme a dit...

Cher Paul!
Quel courage!
Je suis "flabergasted"!!!

Anonyme a dit...

Excellent job; let's make sure that Sanivague never puts another barge on our lake. Let's go one step further. I for one would like Lac Simon to become perfectly clean; no motorized boats at all. Together we can accomplish this. I will be starting action on this matter immediately. With canoes, kayaks etc, there is no reason for any oil spitting, gas spilling, exhaust spuming boats on our lake. Further, let's make sure each and every resident of Ile du Canard Blanc plants at least ten trees for every one that their cottage (unnecessary-what's wrong with tents)caused to be cleared. There is a huge monstrosity on the point which is actually two cottages combined in one. TWO families defiling the island with sewage from one cottage. This must be stopped immediately. Outhouses are much more natural and everyone should be responsible for using biodegradable toilet paper. In fact, if animals can go without, why can't we? Let's work together to become more like our animal friends and LOVE OUR PLANET.

Anonyme a dit...

I think the excessive number of frogs in the area is definitely a threat to the entire ecosystem.

Anonyme a dit...

The hypocrisy is absolutely amazing.