dimanche 9 août 2009

Another Project w/out Permits?

A 1500-foot road (along chemin Tour de Lac) was built in July, apparently without any municipal permit (permit no; knowledge yes). Several citizen reports have stated that the waters of Lac Simon, where the local streams empty into the lake, were murky.

Again, several citizens asked questions at the municipal office & at town council; but few answers were forthcoming. Was the maire & council aware? Was the project officially approved? Or was the project simply given a verbal go-ahead without permits? Denials all around.

Verdict: undemocratic, ecological stupidity & managerial incompetency.
Looking up from chemin Tour de Lac.

Looking down the new 'road', about a 1/3 of the way up.

Looking down the new 'road', about a 2/3 of the way up.

Lots of mud.

samedi 8 août 2009

Erabliere Lac Simon Parking! ...& Expanded Operation?

The Erabliere Lac Simon has expanded its parking lot!
Does the Erabliere want to expand its operation as well?
Why is there no culvert under the access road?

The gravel was bulldozed right to the stream; the very stream that nourishes the maple streams.
One can see the blue piping for the maple syrup in the background.

The stream, with lots of cut branches; looking down towards the parking expansion & chemin Tour de Lac

vendredi 7 août 2009

Lac Barriere Soap Glaciers?

"At 8 am Saturday, August 8th, these pictures were taken in front of our cottage on Lac Barriere. The white stuff which is floating looks like an iceberg in the lake; it is not ice but dirty soap. I was quite astonished at the size of the one large piece of this soap-like iceberg but also of the other smaller pieces. Someone or something has been dumped or washed into the lake illegally and this is unacceptable.

I thought I would forward these pictures along in case you want to bring this to the attention of anyone who would care to listen or perhaps post them on your blog. I know that my Mom had reported this sighting once last year and the inspector had come to take a sample of some soap which landed on our beach but nothing was ever reported back.

Thanks for your attention to this and kind regards." ~B

Merci pour la Photo
Thank you for the Photo