samedi 11 octobre 2008

New Road Endangers Fragile Pristine Lake?

Protect streams - Keep 10 meter buffer!

A road built
A stream damaged and a lake threatened
The water from this tranquil & petite lake, flows 2 kms, under route 315, & empties into Lac Barriere between "Canal st" & Air Canada.

New road approaches stream & small lake

Stream 1
The road destroys stream, lots of erosion!

The road destroys stream, no culvert!

The road destroys stream, lots of erosion!

Looking up stream, water blocked by road

Clear cutting along road and water!

Tree cutting within around small lake

Stream 2

a little further along road

Clear cutting around marshlands?

Clear cutting?

Clear cutting around marshlands?

Tree cutting within 10 meters from small lake


Ministère du Développement durable de l'Environnement et des Parcs
Direction régionale de l'Outaouais
98, rue Lois
Gatineau (Québec) J8Y 3R7

RE: New Road Endangers Fragile Pristine Lake?

NO to damaged water source.
NO to Developer incompetence.
NO to Municipal incompetence.

There must be a Responsibility to Protect: Water - "R2P:W"

Paul Malouf

Where is the authority of the municipalité de Lac-Simon?
Have the permits been issued?
Where is Maire Serge Thivierge?
Where is municipal inspector?


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