lundi 18 août 2008

Proteger Lac des Étoiles 2008

Ministre Claude Béchard
Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife
500, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest
Bureau 9.500
Montréal, Québec
H2Y 1W7

RE: Le lac des Étoiles must be protected (lac des Étoiles sur L'ile Canard Blanc dans le Municipalité de Lac-Simon)

First, we would like to thank the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife for their kind reply of November 13, 2007 to my original letter of October 15, 2007.

Unfortunately we have to disagree.

Six reasons why we are against a "sentier" up to and around lac des Étoiles:
  1. Protection of flora and fauna; particularly the three turtles that live in lac des Étoiles, as well as frogs and Blue Spotted Salamander;
  2. Sightings of 1 year old bears this June;
  3. Threat of overnight campers and fires;
  4. Threat of e-colie & algues on Lac Simon as boats moor in bays on both side of L'ile Canard Blanc - another Baie Groulx we need not!;
  5. Threat of e-coli in lac des Étoiles;
  6. Lack of oversight and control.

Needless to say, there has been no consultation with any of the citizens of the Municipalité, and more importantly, the residents of Ile Canard Blanc. The proposed "concept" will have a direct impact on the quality of life of the residents of Ile Canard Blanc.

For various levels of government to make these plans without citizen input is not right.

We, the citizens of L'ile Canard Blanc, will fight the proposed development around Lac des Etoiles.

There will be more signatures as we continue around the island the balance of the summer.

I would be more than happy to discuss this matter with any of the officials on this file.

Thanking you in advance.


Paul Malouf avec Les Citoyens de L'ile Canard Blanc Pour la Protection de Lac des Etoiles

(1) Mike Haerkens, (2) Pierre Caron, (3) Alain Surprenant, (4) Richard Lemire, (5) Chris Daly, (6) Judy Daly, (7) Connor O'Brien, (8) LA O'brien, (9) Mckayla O'Brien, (10) Jennifer O'Brien - Gross, (11) Jayden Gross, (12) Tracy Daly, (13) Todd Simons, (14) Christine Suprenant, (15) Marc Suprenant, (16) Maude Suprenant, (17) Denis Suprenant, (18) Danielle Suprenant, (19) Dominic Suprenant, (20) Nancy Suprenant, (21) Sebastien Lavoie, (22) Jim Landon, (23) Mary Jo Landon, (24) Patricia Falk, (25) John Falk, (26) Valerie Landon, (27) David Landon, (28) Sue Muskett, (29) Ryan Muskett, (30) Al Muskett, (31) Alain Bernatchez, (32) Anne Marie Gagnon, (33) Marianne Solama, (34) David Zavitz, (35) Sonja Pozar, (36) Kathy Andrews, (37) Kate Andrews, (38) Ellen Andrews, (39) Kate Lery, (40) Francois Caron, (41) Crystal Hedrick, (42) Andrew Salmaso, (43) Nancy Girard, (44) Rick Simboli, (45) Michel Suprenant, (46) Anna-Maria Salmaso, (47) Lisa Salmaso, (48) Marc Hainaut, (49) Gardiea Maiczan, (50) Anita Salmaso, (51) Fred Maiczan, (52) Steve Hainaut, (53) Nicolas Bissonette, (54) Francois Bissonette, (55) Linda Gaudreault, (56) Martine Gaudreault, (57) Chantale Gaudreault, (58) Denis Sabourin, (59) Maryse Lapointe, (60) Sylvain Tremblay, (61) Isabelle Lavallee, (62) Denis Loiselle, (63) Sylvie Lebrasseur, (64) Claire Loiselle, (65) Pierre Loiselle, (66) Jean-Francois Loiselle, (67) Scott McMillan, (68) Patti Esposito, (69) Stacey Lowe, (70) James McMillan, (71) Robert McMillan, (72) Michel Carpentier, (73) Anne Morin, (74) Paul Carlos Jolicoeur, (75) Ronald Haughton, (76) Corrie Haughton, (77) Michael Haughton, (78) David Haughton, (79) Exton Varty, (80) Melba Hall Varty, (81) Stephan Varty, (82) Wayne Wilson, (83) Ronald Wilson, (84) William Daigle, (85) Anthony Skinner, (86) Shane Howe, (87) Andre Brault, (88) Michael Jolicoeur, (89) Paul C. Joliceour, (90) Pat Frayne, (91) Rick Frayne, (92) Tod Frayne, (93) Patrick Frayne, (94) Gerard Pelchat, (95) Helen Moore, (96) John E Myers, (97) Karen Myers Hackem, (98) Cheryl L. Myers, (99) John C. Hackem, (100) Michael Muirhead, (101) ...

CC: Norm MacMillan, Député de Papineau
Ghislain Ménard, Directeur Général MRC Papineau
Richard Charlebois, Directeur Général Centre Local de Dévelopment
Municipalité de Lac-Simon
Association des Propriétaires du Lac Simon

See previous lac des Étoiles letter from 2007

Over half of Europe's amphibians face extinction by 2050
· Climate change, disease and urbanisation blamed
· British toads and newts among those under threat

Ian Sample, science correspondent
Friday September 26 2008
The Guardian

More than half of all frogs, toads and newts living in Europe could be driven to extinction within 40 years as climate change, diseases and habitat destruction take their toll, scientists warned last night.

The majority of the most threatened species live in Mediterranean regions, which are expected to become warmer and drier. Island species, such as the Mallorcan midwife toad and Sardinian brook newt, are especially at risk because they are unable to move to cooler climates.

In Britain, where viruses are already wiping out many hundreds of amphibians a year, conservationists fear for the future of the common toad, natterjack toad and crested newt.

Researchers described the bleak outlook for Europe's amphibians at a meeting of the Zoological Society of London last night. Sir David Attenborough, who was due to attend the symposium, said: "Amphibians are the lifeblood of many environments, playing key roles in the function of ecosystems, and it is both extraordinary and terrifying that in just a few decades the world could lose half of all these species."

One in three of the world's amphibians are already on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's red list of endangered species, with some estimates suggesting 150 species have already become extinct since the 1980s. MORE>>>

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