jeudi 23 octobre 2008

Where is Lac-Simon Green Leadership?

Here is an excerpt of a October 24 commentary by David Suzuki in The National Post:
Not only is the environment not a separate issue from the economy, it is not separate from us. We are the environment. We don’t stand outside or on top if it; we are part of it and it is part of us. Without a healthy environment, we can not have a healthy economy. Our health-care system will become increasingly more burdened as more people suffer from environmental health problems. One only has to look at skyrocketing asthma rates among children to recognize this.

Caring for the environment means caring for ourselves and all the living things we share this finite planet with. And it makes good economic sense. Basing our economy on fossil fuels is not only foolhardy from an environmental perspective; it’s not a good long-term strategy for the economy or energy security either. While other nations switch to renewable energy and focus on energy conservation, growing their economies with new technologies, we will get left behind, as demand for fossil fuels drops and the oil starts to run out.

We can argue all we want about taxation and social programs and infrastructure and government regulation, but environmental protection should not be tossed around for political expediency.

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