vendredi 7 août 2009

Lac Barriere Soap Glaciers?

"At 8 am Saturday, August 8th, these pictures were taken in front of our cottage on Lac Barriere. The white stuff which is floating looks like an iceberg in the lake; it is not ice but dirty soap. I was quite astonished at the size of the one large piece of this soap-like iceberg but also of the other smaller pieces. Someone or something has been dumped or washed into the lake illegally and this is unacceptable.

I thought I would forward these pictures along in case you want to bring this to the attention of anyone who would care to listen or perhaps post them on your blog. I know that my Mom had reported this sighting once last year and the inspector had come to take a sample of some soap which landed on our beach but nothing was ever reported back.

Thanks for your attention to this and kind regards." ~B

Merci pour la Photo
Thank you for the Photo

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