lundi 21 septembre 2009

Election09: Nos Besoins ~ Environment

What the Municipalité de Lac-Simon needs NOW!

In regard to Ecosystems, the Municipalité de Lac-Simon needs:
  1. The Lac Simon Ecosystem should be maintained and as necessary restored or enhanced to support self-reproducing diverse biological communities.
  2. The presence of contaminants shall not limit the uses of fish, wildlife, and waters of the Lac Simon basin by humans and shall not cause adverse health effects in plants and animals.
  3. We as a society shall recognize our capacity to cause great changes in the ecosystem and we shall conduct our activities with responsible stewardship for the Lac Simon basin.


  • Aquatic Communities: the waters of Lac Simon shall support diverse and healthy reproducing and self-sustaining communities in dynamic equilibrium, with an emphasis on native species.
  • Wildlife: the perpetuation of a healthy, diverse, and self-sustaining wildlife community that utilizes the lake for habitat and/or food shall be ensured by attaining and sustaining the waters, coastal wetlands, and upland habitats.
  • Human Health: the waters, plants, and animals of Lac Simon shall be free from contaminants and organisms resulting from human activities at levels that affect human health or aesthetic factors.
  • Habitat: Lac Simon waters and surrounding tributary, wetland, and upland habitats shall be of sufficient quality and quantity to support ecosystem objectives for the health, productivity, and distribution of plants and animals in and adjacent to Lac Simon.
  • Stewardship: Human activities and decisions shall embrace environ-mental ethics and a commitment to responsible stewardship.
...stay tuned for more ideas!

Paul Malouf :)

lacsimon.blogspot exists because this fragile Lake deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.

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