samedi 15 décembre 2007

World View: The sustainable economy

The sustainable economy
Interview: Professor Peter Brown & Professor Peter Victor
By William Marsden & Gazette
The Montreal Gazette
Published: December 15, 2007

As world leaders met this month in Bali to discuss climate change, global greenhouse gas emissions continued to increase daily. Canada is among the worse offenders. Primarily because of the oil sands, Canada's emissions have increased since 1990 by 33 per cent. When deforestation is entered into the equation, the figure is 54 per cent. Fearing social instability, few politicians want to take any steps that will slow their nation's economies. Most economists are looking for answers in continued economic growth. But a few are looking in the opposite direction. Among them are professors Peter Brown of McGill University and Peter Victor of York University in Toronto. They and other like-minded thinkers are trying to fashion a political and economic model for a new world order that would put the stewardship of our planet first. In conversations with The Gazette's William Marsden, they reveal some of the radical changes they think we will have to make to meet what our own politicians have described as the biggest environmental challenge mankind has ever had to face. MORE >>>

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