samedi 27 décembre 2008

Deficit 2008 & Sécurité Publique

Update le 6 avril: The Municipality of Lac Simon announces in "ordre du jour" that the long term capital expenditures requests for "l'agrandisement de la caserne" have been reduced from $850,000 (December) -> $550,000 (March) -> $460,000 (April).

M. Jacques P. Dupuis
Ministère de la Sécurité publique
2525, boulevard Laurier, 5e étage
Tour des Laurentides
Québec (Québec) G1V 2L2

RE: 2008 financial results and sécurité publique

M. Jacques P. Dupuis,

On December 22, 2008 the Municipality of Lac Simon had a special council meeting to present their “budget 2009” and their “financial review of 2008”.

The municipality of Lac Simon 2008 operating deficit was $175,500. The 2008 net deficit was reported as $75,500 because of the $100,0000 the municipality took from the previous years’ surplus.

Gross revenues for 2009 are estimated at $2,583,539. Net revenues for 2009 $2,507,989 = ($2,583,539 - $75,500).

Revenues have grown from $1,450,000 (2004), $1,585,651 (2005), $1,692,792 (6.8% increase in 2006), $2,009,820 (10% increase in 2007), $2,388,520 (18.8% increase in 2008).

The $175,000 operating deficit in 2008 was 7.3% of the 2008 budget ($2,388,520).

We suspect that much of the $175,500 operating deficit in 2008 relates to the expenses that fall under the portfolio of the Ministère de la Sécurité publique.

We would argue the following:
  1. Equipment: Far too many unnecessary fire trucks. (see 2 photos)
  2. Labor: Excess staff
  3. Maintenance & training: As a result of initial buying of equipment (2) & hiring of staff (3), there is a corresponding increase in expenses for equipment “maintenance” and labor “training” and hours of work.
  4. “premier repondeur” program: In 2008 the Municipality of Lac Simon introduced their premier repondeur. The maire & council estimated that total costs would be $20,000.
  5. Garage expansion: The Municipality of Lac Simon wants to expand the current 6-door firehouse/garage at a projected additional cost of $850,000. 254-10-2008 Règlement ayant pour objet de décréter des travaux d’agrandissement de la caserne incendie, des travaux de construction d’un entrepôt, incluant des travaux de terrassement, l’achat d’un camion citerne et d’un véhicule multi-usage et autorisant un emprunt de 850 000$ pour en payer les coûts.

“Premier repondeur” program
: Since day one, citizens have repeatedly asked questions at council meetings. Questions included: Is there not a provincial subsidy for premier repondeur? If yes, why has the municipality not made a request to provincial authorities? Should not the projected cost of premier repondeur be over $100,000? All inquiries and questions were dismissed by council.

We would argue that the Ministère de la Sécurité publique:
  1. review the Municipality of Lac Simon financial statements of 2008 that relate to Sécurité publique;
  2. question the necessity of the Municipality of Lac Simon $850,000 long term capital cost plans.
  3. structure a long term Sécurité publique plan for the Municipality of Lac Simon.

Looking forward to a safe and prosperous 2009.

Thanking you in advance.

Paul Malouf

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

Fire house budget has been toned down to 500k.
Some staff was suspended WITH pay and then later terminated;reason confidential.
New position was posted.
If current city hall is inadequate for public use then who or what can be done with that site ?
Finally a new article has been added to Ordre du Jour at council meetings: parole aux conseillers but as we have it nobody has anything to say but Yes Mr Thivierge we agree with you.
Please cut the strings !

Anonyme a dit...

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