mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Tempête: Noyades & Accidents Mortels de VTT en Outaouais

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Deux noyades en Outaouais

Pierre-André Normandin
le 18 juillet 2011
Le Droit
Deux personnes se sont noyées après que leur embarcation respective eut chaviré, lors la violente tempête qui a balayé le sud du Québec, dimanche soir. Elles ne portaient pas leur gilet de sauvetage. PLUS >>>

Noyade: environ 100 Québécois meurent chaque année
le 21 juillet 2011
La Presse
Dans ses efforts, la Société de sauvetage est appuyée du Bureau du coroner. «Depuis plusieurs années, les coroners à travers le Québec dénoncent ce tueur silencieux et insidieux qu'est la noyade et contribuent aux efforts de prévention en formulant de nombreuses recommandations. En ce sens, les campagnes comme celle de la Société de sauvetage sont essentielles et rejoignent tout à fait la mission du Bureau du coroner: diminuer le nombre de noyades pour sauver des vies humaines », explique Dre Louise Nolet, coroner en chef du Québec.

Un jeune homme de 18 ans tué dans un accident de VTT
Guillaume St-Pierre
le 11 juillet 2011
Le Droit
Un jeune homme de 18 ans a perdu la vie alors qu'il était au volant d'un véhicule tout-terrain (VTT) dans le secteur de L'Ange-Gardien, samedi matin. Il s'agit d'un second accident mortel impliquant un tel véhicule en autant de fins de semaine dans la région de l'Outaouais. PLUS >>>

Madawaska resident dies in ATV crash
Man is fourth person to be killed this year while driving vehicles
July 9, 2011
Ottawa Citizen
An 83-year-old man from Madawaska Township has become the fourth person killed while riding an all-terrain vehicle in the Ottawa area this year.

And he, like the rest of those killed this summer, was not wearing a helmet, despite the fact that it's required by law in both Ontario and Quebec. MORE >>>

3 die in Quebec ATV accidents over Canada Day weekend

For the second consecutive weekend, ATV accidents caused multiple deaths across Quebec.
July 3, 2011
Montreal Gazette

Accident de VTT mortel en Outaouais
le samedi 2 juillet 2011
Radio Canada
Transports Québec: Act respecting off-highway vehicles
Highlights include:
  • Wearing a safety helmet is compulsory, not only on trails, but everywhere and in all circumstances.
  • The Act sets 16 as the minimum age for operating this type of vehicle. In addition, riders aged 16 and 17 are required to take a training course and to hold a certificate of competence issued by Fédération québécoise des clubs quads.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, the speed limit for operating an ATV is 50 km/h. The speed limit is reduced to 30 km/h when close to a residence.
  • It is illegal to operate an ATV on a public road, except in the cases stipulated in the Act. This type of vehicle is not designed to be operated on pavement. In all cases, there must be a road sign indicating that ATV traffic is permitted. Permission can only be granted by the manager of the network (MTQ or the municipality). It is also important to note that a valid driver’s licence is required in order to use a public road under the conditions set out in the Act.
  • It is illegal to operate an ATV within 30 meters of a dwelling, a health establishment, or an area that is reserved for cultural, educational, or sports activities without having obtained the express permission of the property owner. There are some exceptions, and the allowable speed limit in these cases is 30 km/h, even if no sign is posted.
  • All ATV owners must hold a minimum of $500,000 in third-party liability insurance.
  • The vehicle must be equipped with a white headlight, a red tail-light, and exhaust and braking systems. Models manufactured after January 1, 1998, must also be equipped with a red rear brake light, a rear-view mirror that is firmly attached to the left side of the vehicle, and a speedometer. Modifying or removing this equipment is strictly prohibited.

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