mardi 16 octobre 2007

GHGs, smog, pollution remain troubling: StatsCan

GHGs, smog, pollution remain troubling: StatsCan
Updated Mon. Oct. 15 2007 11:26 AM ET

While emissions remained stable in 2004 and 2005, Canada's greenhouse gas levels continue to hover well above 1990 levels and the nation's targets under the Kyoto Protocol, a new Statistics Canada report states.

The third annual report suggests total emissions increased over the 1990 to 2005 period due to increased economic activity.

The report was jointly prepared by Environment Canada, Statistics Canada and Health Canada. It found that greenhouse gases, smog and water pollution levels remain troubling -- while the indicator of exposure to toxic emissions has increased over time.

The report suggests measures to protect aquatic life were not met, at least occasionally, at many monitoring sites across the country.

Twenty-three per cent of the water sites tested received a "marginal" or "poor" designation.

Phosphorous, a pollutant derived mainly from human activities, continued to be a major concern for freshwater lakes and rivers in Canada.

Most of the phosphorus found in Canadian waterways comes from sewage, agricultural runoff and industrial wastewater. MORE >>>

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