dimanche 9 septembre 2007

Ban cement roads & boardwalks on Lac-Simon

Should not all cement driveways into the lake be dismantled and forever banned?

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Anonyme a dit...

This would appear to be a "boat launch". How can a boat launch possibly be confused with a "cement driveway'?

Anonyme a dit...

Mr. Malouf: I asked a question in a previous post and EXPECT an answer. If you take this website seriously, you WILL respond to posts.

Anonyme a dit...

I see your interest in these matters are low. You have not responded as to how a boat launch can be confused with a cement driveway. You appear to spend a great deal of time posting your articles (the actions of an egotist); however, when questioned, your interest wanes. You are not an environmentalist; you are someone with too much time on your hands and the love of seeing your words online. I for one, am not impressed.