mardi 7 août 2007

Photo Gallery: Baie Creuse - More Photos just in

De belles images du massacre...

Photos dated July 18...was that not during the construction holidays?

2 bulldozers, 2 boats...the owner likes the number 2

2 bulldozers at work...what's the hurry?

white jeep, white boats, but nothing left in green
Should not the contractor be fined as well as the resident?
Should not the contractor loose his licence to operate a tractor for 3 months?
Merci pour les photos/Thanks for the pictures.
Keep them coming!

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Anonyme a dit...

How can this happen in 2007!

Where are the Municipal Inspectors?

This house should be shut down until he re-plants all the trees and vegetation that he destroyed. He must restore the lake front to its original condition. It is property owners like this that are destroying our lakes.